My favourite game EVER ofcourse is Battlefield 2


Other games i play:

Medal of honor - Allied Assault

Medal of honor - Breakthrough

Medal of honor - Spearhead

Medal of honor - Pacific Assault

Medal of honor - Airborne

Battlefield 1942



Sim City 2004

Civilization I,II,III,IV

.................and unfortunately for my girlfriend a lot more!

**thx Nina for eternal support** Kiss


*** Crazy Lemon greets: ***

Stefan "Smit & Wesson" O.

Arjan "Gizmo" R.

Ron "Re4ver" K.

Arie(r) "Snay-Pa"den H.

Chris "Intruder" de H.

Hugo "mooihaar" K.

Haiko "Goor" F.

Delia "Pixehhh" B.

Joan "Mr. Damos" B.



Crazy Lemon

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